The Genre of Research Article: A Comparative Analysis of Language Use in Writing Research articles in Linguistics, Mathematics and Science

Author: Felixberto M. Mercado


Using the genre analysis models of Swales (1990); Bhatia (1993); Hopkins & Dudley-Evans’ (1988); and Halliday & Hasan’s Concepts of Cohesion (1976);  and Salager-Meyer’s Taxonomy of Hedges (1994), the study analyzed research articles (RAs) in linguistics, mathematics, and science written by Filipino professionals. Tense-aspect and voice of the verb, dependent clause tokens, and conjunctions were the most dominant lexicogrammatical features while length and discourse pattern such as sentence structure, sentence length, paragraph length and methods of paragraph development characterized text-patterning of RAs in linguistics, mathematics and science written by Filipino writers. The cognitive structures of the various sections of the RAs in linguistics, mathematics and science written by Filipino writers were found to be in conformity with the models of cognitive structures in terms of the moves, steps, and the linguistic exponents used. In terms of cohesion and hedges, the rhetorical style of Filipino writers of RAs in linguistics, mathematics and science was similar in the sense that the additive-adversative modulated rhetorical style was revealed. The data produced in this study may be used by English language teachers and by members of the discourse community for a better understanding of the specific conventions and rhetorical and discourse features of RAs.

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